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New Year, New Band, New Fresh Website!

Welcome to the newest of the new! After a year and a half on the fantastic Seattle music scene, I've been blessed to come across a number of funky, talented, highly skilled musicians. In celebration of all this, I've pulled a handful of them for an exciting show this Wednesday, March 11, 2015 at the Musiquarium Lounge in the Triple Door in downtown Seattle. With "Woogie" D on drums from Funk 2 Death (F2D), my man from Klozd Sirkut and Tetrabox Joey Walbaum on keys, super killing saxohponist Dan Wager from Tetrabox and Tim Carey of the Hardcoretet on bass, we have a fantastic recipe for feeling good and gettin' down! Show starts at 8:30pm and there's no cover.

PJ & Friends Musiquarium (brighter).jpg

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