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2k16 is super sweet funky goodness!!!

Why does this year excite me? Number one, I am enjoying the super joyful smiles of my second born son, 5 month old Phoenix Jaxen! His smiles and giggles heal the soul!

Also, I am feverishly producing tracks for my second solo studio album. There are some new directions in funk, some electronic, some very sexy, but all busting out with hard grooving goodness.

2k16 is going to bear fruit with more videos than I've been able to post in the last several. Stay tuned here for the unfolding.

Also, I'm excited about the great music I'm going to play live with Klozd Sirkut, Tetrabox, EKO!!!, 6 Demon Bag as well as some future engagements with variations of my own band.

It's never boring. This year is gonna be especially sweet!

Here's to Phoenix!

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